ICRC (Red Cross) 'The Right Choice'

This project, funded by Google and conceptualised by Don’t Panic, brings to life the reality of decisions made by families left behind in the carnage of war. It is the first ever multiple narrative drama in VR. This required us to record a series of scenes from the exact same position, allowing us to seamlessly move from one scene to another using match cuts. This creates a number of different story branches to let people make their own decisions on what the family should do. The biggest technical challenge was perfecting the match cuts over a two day shoot – the actors positions had to match the positions at the end of the initial scene to the pixel, or as close as possible, to allow for seamless blending. Director Avril Furness did an amazing job with the casting, she spent over a month in Beirut and auditioned over a hundred children and potential parents, and to my mind the performances are one of the main triumphs of the experience.

The experience was primarily built for Google Daydream but also works on Cardboard and without any VR headset on both Android and iOS. Without headset the experience is viewed by ‘magic window’ – this is simply using the phone’s gyroscope to move the video as you look around the room. At key points in the film the content goes in to slow motion and you have to make critical decisions.

Download the app below to see for yourself.



Director: Avril Furness

VR Director: Henry Stuart

Production Co: Visualise

Producer: Richard Guy

Unit Production Manager: Danny Saneh

Director of Photography: James Rhodes

DIT: Joe Packman

360 Location Sound Recordist: Henrik Opperman

360 Sound Design: Henrik Opperman 

Grading Co: Cheat

Agency: Don’t Panic

Creative Director: George McCallum

Account Director: Helen Jackson

Client: ICRC/ Google